Jul 6th New MC service plans

New 12GB, 14GB, 16GB and 18GB RAM plans all with 50GB SSD storage(50p extra along with the normal pricing due to the (extra 25GB) high amount of storage and RAM, this is included in the total price) Extra storage addons will be coming out soon for the rest of MC services following similar prices to above 10GB RAM plan now has 50GB SSD storage ... Read More »

Jun 21st Update to plans

- 3GB server now has 80 player slots which has changed from 70- The price per GB has gone up to £1.20 and may change to £1.50 but GalaxyMCHosting will still be the cheapest host out of other hosting companies on the market for the features given- 5GB+ plans are now given free unlimited slots, if the price goes up to £1.50 per GB then all plans ... Read More »

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